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Mending your Mindset: How One Doctor Quit Hiding Behind the White Coat – A Chat with Dr. Kien Vuu

The number of physicians who are reaching burnout is staggering, and it’s no surprise, as medical schools only recently began teaching students how to be well and take care of themselves. But another reason is often that the pressure put on doctors to be perfect and fulfill society’s expectations is often crushing.

This week’s guest, Dr. Kien Vuu, was headed down a less-than-healthy road himself when he realized part of why he went into medicine was to treat his “not enough-ness.” It took quitting that mindset and cultivating an attitude of success and gratitude to be able to turn his life around and become the true healer he knew he was inside.

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Manifesting a New Environment: The Cautious Cross-Country Quit – A Chat with Mark Guay

If you’re not in your dream job or your ideal city, you may think of quitting it all and moving. But how do you get to where you’d like to be…and how do you know that new reality is going to serve you better than the current one?

This week’s guest, entrepreneur and storytelling consultant Mark Guay, knew he had to leave New York and his teaching career. So he began to envision living in a new climate and working from home. And over time, the exact visions he’d been manifesting slowly became reality.

Here’s the Insight Timer he refers to on the podcast.

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Finding Your Passion Without Looking: Preventing ‘Purpose-Finding Panic’ with Dominick Quartuccio

People commonly get stuck in jobs or careers because they don’t know what they’d rather be doing…in other words, they haven’t found their passion or purpose or calling in life. And often the struggle to find that passion leads to a feeling of desperation if nothing comes up right away.

Well this week’s guest, author/speaker/coach extraordinaire Dominick Quartuccio, went through a strategic quit of his own in which he stumbled upon a creative way to let his passion find him.

This is a must-hear for anyone who’s searching for their purpose!

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Realigning Priorities: One Plastic Surgeon Gives His Career A Makeover

Many of us have passions in several different areas, but the traditional 40-hour workweeks keep us from having time to pursue more than one calling. And for certain professions, like surgeons, the typical week doesn’t stop at 40 hours, so starting a side project is nearly impossible.

But this week’s guest, facial plastic surgeon Dr. Amit Patel, used a very strategic quit to ensure he had time to pursue multiple passions. His story is a testament to the importance of exploring all possibilities when carving out a career path.

Links to recommended books:

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Quitting the ER to Resuscitate Her Life: One Doctor’s Reinvention

The journey to become a physician is long and often times immovable. Medical students choose residencies that are up to 7 years long, and changing them is no small undertaking. And after graduating from a residency, changing specialties often requires doing an entire new residency, so most doctors just stay in their original specialty, no matter how unfulfilled they may be feeling.

But not this week’s guest, Dr. Amy Killen. Amy found a creative solution to dissatisfaction with her life in the ER, and her story should give hope to all doctors whose specialties no longer fit their lives.

Dr. Amy Killen on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

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Just Do Something: How to Jumpstart Your Quit

So you think you wanna quit? Have you fallen into the trap many of us do in which we begin to compile more and more information about how to make a change…without ever putting it into action?

This week’s guest, Travis Roznos, started down that road, but through men’s groups and the Wim Hof Method training, he discovered that no amount of research got him further along in his transformation than going from the theoretical to the concrete and finally doing the work.

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Wim Hof Method

Seeing Quitting as Success: Lessons Learned from Listening to your Gut

In an ideal situation, quits don’t happen TO us, they’re orchestrated BY us. However, sometimes we’re forced into a quit, and it’s then up to us to learn from that experience and use what we’ve learned the next time things need a change.

This week’s guest, Sarah Hassaine, did just that. When life dealt her a quit she didn’t see coming, she took everything she learned from that situation and used it when she later found herself in a job that wasn’t working for her. 

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Walking Off the Beaten Path: The Not-So-Happy Trails Quit

Many high-performing types like to set intense physical goals for themselves, like running a marathon or participating in a bodybuilding competition. But what happens when something comes in the way of that goal…like the fact that the drive is no longer there?

This week’s guest Elsye Walker faced just such a challenge when hiking the Appalachian Trail…and her story is a must-hear for top physical performers facing challenges along their paths.

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Two Turntables & a Business to Run: A DJ Leaves the Corporate Life to Follow His Calling

Who in the corporate world hasn’t at least once dreamed of finding their creative passion, following it, then doing well enough at it to tell the corporate world goodbye?

Well this week’s guest didn’t just dream it, he made that dream a reality when he left his government job and became one of the premier fitness and yoga DJs.

Take a listen as DJ Justin Kanoya explains how he made the transition and how he’s been able to sustain a successful DJ business so that he can continue to follow his calling.

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Take Me Out of the Ballgame: A Major League Quit

Often people feel called to quit something because they’re struggling with it and it just doesn’t feel right. But sometimes even things we’re good at may not be the right fit.

Such was the case with Jordan Reich, who was a talented pitcher on track to play in the major leagues. There was just one problem: America’s favorite pastime wasn’t HIS favorite. Quite the opposite.

Take a listen to Jordan’s journey from pitcher to business consultant to attorney as he strategically quit his way into a life that fits him perfectly.

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