Interview Series on Renaissance Physician: “Physician, Lawyer, and Lifelong Quitter- Dr. Lynn Marie Morski”

I was thoroughly honored to have been featured on the Renaissance Physician interview series!

It’s about doctors who have passions outside of medicine, which is clearly right up my alley! Hein Nguyen, MD is doing a great service to physicians with her Renaissance Physician project – I highly suggest my medical friends check it out!

You can read the full interview HERE!

Quitting by Design in the “Side Hustle Success Lab”!

I had the extreme pleasure of being a guest on Tracey Minutolo’s Side Hustle Success Lab “Espresso Shot” Facebook live event! We discussed how to use strategic quitting to set and achieve goals. Side Hustlers are a great group to discuss the advantages of quitting with because so many of them started a side hustle realizing that their main hustle may be a prime target for a quit at some point in the future.

What is a side hustle? It’s any business that you undertake while you’re still working at your main (often 9-5) job.

Also, having a side hustle is a great way to ease the transition if you’re quitting a job and starting up your own enterprise, as it maintains the income from your main gig to help pay the bills while your side gig ramps up to the point that it becomes financially viable. This way you get to try out a new career without extreme financial pressures, and you can use the fact that you have another job to force you to use your time efficiently, thereby developing great time-management skills.

Check out the full session below – and if you have a little something on the side (business-wise!), I highly advise checking out the Side Hustle Success Lab!!


Finding the Courage and Design to Quit – from the Discover Your Talent Podcast

Don Hutcheson asked me to be on the Discover your Talent podcast months ago, and we recorded the following episode. However, following our chat, he asked if I could do an “expert” episode – this is the one that was released previously. So these are a little out of order, but if you want some background on how I ended up specializing in quitting, take a listen!!

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