Facing Down Your Financial Fears: How to Quit A Limiting Money Mindset – A Chat with Darrah Brustein

All too often the one thing keeping people stuck in a job or career they don’t like is the fear that financially they won’t be able to survive if they quit, because so many of us have been raised with a mindset surrounding money that tells us we both have to continually chase it and that we’ll never have enough.

Initially, this week’s guest, entrepreneur, author, and founder/ host of the “Life by Design not by Default” Virtual Summit Darrah Brustein, had a similar mindset. However, in this episode she describes how mapping out the costs of your goals to can decrease the anxiety that stems from constantly chasing the dollar, and how to make other beneficial money mindset shifts to allow you to put some of those financial fears to bed and make whatever quits necessary to follow your calling.

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Audio: Bensound.com

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