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Dr. Lynn Marie Morski is passionate about helping others get unstuck and ensuring no one settles for a less-than-optimal life, and that passion is apparent the minute she takes the stage. She’ll help your audience develop the skills required to use strategic quitting as a tool to carve out lives they find fulfilling, whether she’s speaking to CEOs, students, or members of the community-at-large.

For employers, know that equipping your employees with strategic quitting techniques does not encourage them to quit their jobs. In fact, quite the opposite! Employees who are fulfilled in their relationships and who enjoy the city they live in and what they do are more effective and will have a more positive impact on your company than those who feel stuck in an area of their lives. Strategic quitting allows your employees to be their best, which will allow them to give you their best.

Speaking topics include, among others:

  • How to know when to quit
  • Overcoming the stigma associated with quitting
  • Rebranding quitting
  • Why strategic quitting is an important self-care tool
  • How to prepare your finances, health, and relationships for a quit
  • The (big!) difference between quitting and failing
  • Why the saying ‘quitters never win’ is entirely false…and harmful!
  • How to address quitting-related fears, like ‘wasted’ time and money
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