Hi everyone!

So glad you arrived at my page. Here's just a little background about me to help us get to know each other. I'm a board-certified physician in family medicine and sports medicine, and I work at the Veterans Administration. I also am an attorney and adjunct professor at Thomas Jefferson School of Law.

Out of college I was a multimedia designer, but I later transitioned into medicine and then law. The concept for this website and my desire to help people quit stems from a speech I gave on quitting at my law school graduation. So many people told me it had resonated with them that I continued to give similar talks, all of which were followed by many people telling me their quitting stories or asking me for suggestions on how they, too, can quit their way to a better life. I realized that one of the best ways I could contribute to the greater good would be to share the strategic quitting techniques that shaped my career in hopes that they could help others. That brings us right back here to this site.

When I'm not doctoring, lawyering, or helping people quit, I am politically active, I play multiple musical instruments (master of none!), I dance, I'm a certified yoga instructor, and I train the Brazilian martial art of capoeira. Oh, and I henna myself...in case you were wondering if the art on my hand is permanent, it is not:)

I'd love to help you create your best life by guiding you through a quit. If you would benefit from one-on-one coaching or consulting, please contact me and we can get you started on the path toward designing your happiness.

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